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The Beginning

In 2003, a group of parents explored the idea of working together to enrich education for every child in the Glendora Unified School District. Eager to put this idea into action, they formed a non-profit benefit corporation to provide financial and volunteer support for all schools in the district. This marked the beginning of the Glendora Education Foundation.

The First 10 Years

Over the past decade the Glendora Education Foundation has served as a liaison between the community and our schools. Composed of volunteers, the Foundation has been a positive and effective way for the community to support GUSD's 7,500 students. Contributions from the Foundation have impacted our schools by promoting programs such as technology advancement, retaining music programs, college preparations, and health and wellness. 

The Future

To date, the Foundation has raised and donated over $4 million to Glendora's schools. Although we are proud of the work that has been done, there are still many goals to achieve. In order to continue giving our students a cutting-edge education, the Foundation depends upon participation from the community. Join us in our efforts and see how you can get involved and support the Glendora Education Foundation. 



GEF Logo_edited_edited.png

Executive Leadership

Co-President - Melinda Dilwicius

Co- President- Daniel Boyer


Past President - Mike Beckman

Treasurer - Archie Clarizio


Secretary - Linda Yilmazian


Executive Director - Priti Patel

Board Members

Eric Buril

Jenny Chan

Tamra Dale

Art Miranda 

Aaron Ralph

Lucy Manalo 

Greta Huhn

Katherine Vieser


GEF Logo_edited_edited.png

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